goal setting for 2013

goal setting for 2013

Goal Setting for 2013

One of the big things that marks out the differences between the winners and the losers in both the online and the offline world is how they go about goal setting and particularly now how they go about Goal Setting for 2013 the next few days will be vital but so will the mindset

Ideals are great but are they worth a hill of beans if they are not followed through on,what then are the differences between one person who generates a good level of income and another person who whilst well intentioned never gets beyond the planning stage of Goal Setting for 2013

Both are after all setting out what they would like to do but of course the execution,the delivery are considerable different and yet both are going through the process of Goal Setting for 2013 so how can it be that one remains true to their plan and the other gets into a continual drift?

Winners Goal Setting for 2013

So lets look a little deeper at a Winners Goal Setting for 2013 what is he or she doing that translates into action and income that another well intentioned person just can’t seem to replicate? Lets start with complete focus and not letting distractions get in the way of finishing projects

Temptation looms for all of us but for Winners Goal Setting for 2013 means finishing one project and seeing it through to action before the get side tracked into any other project,it means not trying to do everything ourselves when it slows us down

A Winners Goal Setting for 2013 means accepting when you’ve got it wrong, accepting it and getting out and starting the next project,sometimes with the best will in the world things don’t work,winners accept and know that and move on quickly

Winners network,learn from and reverse engineer the best ideas and put their spin on it, so make sure that this is part of your Winners Goal Setting for 2013 don’t even try in reinvent the wheel and always get help,remember there is a small army of people out there waiting to help you if you’ll only let them

Losers Goal Setting for 2013

So what is the major difference between Losers Goal Setting for 2013 and that of the winners? They both set out with the same dreams so how come one achieves big things and the other achieves very little,sadly it starts by asking questions on deadlines sadly they seldom exist for the person who is not succeeding

Another major issue in a Losers Goal Setting for 2013 is chasing the next big thing,the shiny object,people the promise of instant riches is garbage pure and simple,the winner found out long ago that is saps your energy and money chasing them but sadly the loser keeps buying into the latest snake oil salesman

Sadly the next area of Losers Goal Setting for 2013 is really well intentioned and it’s the fear of failing,they want everything to be perfect,just a bit more polishing,just another rewrite,maybe I need to go to a couple more seminars on the subject,somehow it just never gets done

Perhaps the saddest trait of all in the Losers Goal Setting for 2013 is constantly blaming others for their failings show me a person who has never made a mistake and I’ll show you somebody who has never done anything,everybody falls on their face from time to time

So if you’re having major issues finishing projects,getting things done then model yourself on people who have achieved major success,keep laser focused,become a Winner Goal Setting in 2013


essential online business foundations


Essential Online Business Foundations

I wanted to look at the mindset of the average person starting an online business because even people who have run a physical business seem to approach their online business with a kind of detatchment that would spell disaster if they followed that route in their offline business,so lets look at the essential online business foundations

People who are highly intelligent have somehow allowed themselves to be brainwashed into thinking that there is a route to overnight riches online when in reality if you add no real value your potential customers are not going to come back and lets face why would they

There is no culture of following through,lets imagine you want to learn to ride a horse but you never actually go to a stable,you never actually ride a horse or learn how to look after it,you take no riding lessons and never intended to make the time anyway you would know deep down that this was a complete non starter

Time to get serious about your Essential online business Foundations

So it’s time to get serious about your online business because if we just take the mindset before we even buy a product that if I don’t see instant success I can always just get a refund then we are approaching things with a failure mindset

No we must of course buy the sort of products that offer us a high degree of mentoring not the kind of product that offers overnight riches because put simply that isn’t going to happen and until you get out of that mindset and get started on your medium term planning

So the next time you watch a video of a girl in her early twenties in a skirt that resembles a belt with a top that’s two sizes to small and revealing far to much cleavage,wise up because the guy who has actually made the product just wants your money before he rides off into the sunset laughing at you

Time to get yourself a mentor to build your Essential Online Business Foundations

Getting yourself out of the instant riches mindset is essential if you want to be successful,set yourself a three to six month window,treat this exactly as you would an offline business,offer real value to your clients and dare I suggest it’s time to get yourself a mentor if you are really serious about this

But if it’s time to get yourself a mentor who can you trust? Obviously we have to start with somebody who has been responsible for creating more online success stories than most as well as being hugely successful in his own right How would I know? He Was My Mentor

Who you choose is of course your personal choice but whoever you decide is right for you google them first,see what the market thinks but don’t forget This Guy Delivers when it’s time to get a mentor make sure you get a good one

Lazy Affiliate Riches

Lazy Affiliate Riches

Here’s Your Route To Lazy Affiliate Riches

First things first,I’ve decided to ease back a little bit,now that said I’ve not gone down the magic button route because that as we know doesn’t work and truth be told the clammer for a clean up on products aimed squarely at tricking newbies out of their money seems to be working,the stupid thing is these products far from saving time actually eat it up which leads me to Lazy Affiliate Riches,do they exist?

Lazy Affiliate Riches we are told allow you to work just a few hours and then kick back and just spend the money,sounds great but does it work? well one guy makes big play of how lazy he is and having had a look at how he does things I’m beginning to think he has a point,now don’t get me wrong here he is very clear that there are no magic buttons with what he does

So when these people talk about Lazy Affiliate Riches and yet earn huge amounts of money there at first seems to be an obvious contradiction in what they are saying,what they really mean is you set up the campaign once,optomize it and then it more or less works on auto pilot,starts to sound a whole lot better

Secondly we have all been brainwashed into thinking digital products are the only things that a Lazy Affiliate Marketer can sell online and make a good return on your traffic,why work for just 10% commissions when you could be earning 60-75% commissions goes the logic but of course the reality is rather different,let me explain

Here’s How Lazy Affiliate Riches Really Works

So lets look at how this Lazy Affiliate Riches business works? first off you promote a product in an in demand market, a little slice of a huge pie is better than a huge slice of a tiny pie that never gets baked again,you next look at actual conversions and refunds because this gives you your real ROI and this is where it gets really interesting

Lazy Affiliate Riches 101 says 75% must be better than 10% right a no brainer? well actually no,let me explain, a 75% commission on a product that converts at 1-2% and has a 30% plus refund rate is not that attractive, granted it’s okay but what looks like a very high income can actually lead to a very high unsubscribe rate which not only costs you but actually damages your standing with your list

So if that doesn’t work well lets look at the other option,10% sounds like a lot of work for little return right? wrong you see this is really Lazy Affiliate Riches 101 because that group convert at a 1 in 6 rate,they get a quality product from a worldwide giant and these customers far from wanting to unsubscribe are likely to buy again do you start to see how we have all been brainwashed with promises of huge returns and have just plain missed the point?

But you’re thinking this is all fine and dandy Tony but I don’t really understand the Lazy Affiliate Riches market but I sure as hell would like the idea of doing something well once and then just rinsing and repeating the process to build a solid business that keeps on bringing in business way after you put in the original effort,no product creation,no big customer support function,just some solid research and as you’ll see even a lot of that is done for you

Okay Show Me How To Get My Lazy Affiliate Riches

So lets go and see how you can get your own Lazy Affiliate Riches Jeff Dedrick has a system that automates the whole process so you don’t have to,all you have to do is keep adding new affiliate programs,forget doing huge amounts of research its all done for you even down to how to set it up,this really is the Lazy Affiliate Riches
but he has a deadly serious point as his video shows you

Next up is Dan Brock,this guy would chase Lazy Affiliate Riches but he won’t do that much work so he’s set up a Done For You System
that walks you through everything, he explains that it does require some work but not too much,go check out his Done For You System here

Lastly was a program from Ewen Chia,dont be put off by the low price on this,in fact I’d say having studied and used the ideas in it it’s way too cheap, his route to Lazy Affiliate Riches is through Fast Track Profits I’ve paid 10 to 20 times this price for products that plain didn’t work,I actually use these ideas and I can tell you thesecertainly do work

So 3 different approaches to Lazy Affiliate Riches but all follow a system that once started just keeps growing and the best thing is it’s simple,so I think the answer is clear, if you want to work less then you want Lazy Affiliate Riches

Work Less And Earn More

Work Less And Earn More

“How Can You Work Less And Earn More?”

Is It Really Possible To Work Less And Earn More?

We live in a time that is trying to sell us push button simple solutions,sadly most of them are not even thinly disguised attempts to take our money and leave us with little more
than a bad taste in our mouth and a big hole in our wallet, it’s just one form of Work Less And Earn More

Now granted it leaves most people feeling jaded and often annoyed,the push button solution uses emotional triggers,it even tells you how badly all those scammers behave beforegoing on to do exactly the same,the ultimate Work Less And Earn More Solution with one big but

And buts as they say have got way too big,but here’s the thing,you see online there are hundreds of distractions online even without the magic button brigade taking you out on
another 15 to 20 minutes of video promising you millions only to offer Autoblogs and Affiliate templates dressed up as the next big thing,the Work Less And Earn More solution?
In the words of the Churchill dog,er no!

As always there is a twist to this,you can Work Less And Earn More, in fact I am going to go much further than that,the very reason that most people haven’t achieved a fraction
of what they want online,too many people are jaded and critically they are missing the bigger picture

So How Can You Work Less And Earn More?

So if the push button solution is just pushing a tired formula dressed up as the next big thing how can I make a statement like you must Work Less And Earn More if you really
want to succeed, doesn’t that make me just as bad as these other people?

Quite simply and in a word no, allow me to explain why, the magic button solution promises you an instant answer,it uses a range of levers to say I was once like you but hey
look at me now,I Work Less And Earn More and in a small number of cases it’s true, in the rest clearly it is not

Now there is a great shame to this because let me tell you this,you must Work Less And Earn More, let me repeat that,the number one reason why people struggle is because they chase to many ideas instead of doing one thing well, it’s all about scale really, if you were earning $50 Dollars a day what would you do? if you were thinking straight you
would repeat it and then repeat it again

If you focus on what works you really can Work Less And Earn More, it’s actually the distractions that stop you from earning any real money,all those push button solutions
actually rob you of your time and just divert you away from what really works,stop chasing glitches and loopholes and scale your business,if you follow the $50 Dollars, scale
it to $100 Dollars, then $200 Dollars and suddenly you are earning a job replacing income, stay with it and it will work

Real Solutions So You Can Work Less And Earn More Starting Today

I’ve been watching this guys launch video, it busts the myths on the lies out there right now his 6 Myths & Liesvideo tells it like it really is, this works, no magic buttons just real Work Less And Earn More solutions,watch the video of His Student Jim a real life case study of a guy who gave up on IM until he found this,he then
6 figures in the next six months with a real solid scalable business

My next guy needs no introduction, he is a real life millionaire maker his role call of successful clients proves that you must Work Less To Earn More, hot air? no real proofhere and Fantastic Training which works,this is night and day different to the magic buttons you keep getting offered, if you follow this strategy you will succeed period!

Lastly I joined this a few days ago, this guy reckons that the average Clickbank marketer would sell anything for $37 Dollars is it magic button? no of course not but it’s the
best Automated Way way of building fast traffic and income I’ve ever seen and you guys know I don’t do BS!period

So in summing up two things, number one sorry I didn’t post over Easter when my laptop finally gave up the ghost but back to why you must Work Less and Earn More, this IM life works but only if you do it right, tell me what your experience has been how have you done when you Work Less And Earn More

Mastermind Group

Mastermind Group

What Lessons Can We Learn From Our Mastermind Group?

Over the weekend I traveled into London to meet up with other members of our Mastermind Group, I always enjoy the opportunity to share ideas,to gain the advantage of the view of many heads rather than one and of course it was an opportunity to catch up with friends,a real win-win basically

Too often I believe we plough our own furrow but as Michael Gerber taught us, often the problem with the boss is that the boss doesn’t have one, sometimes it is really important to have an external view to hold you to account and to my mind that is exactly what a Mastermind Group does

Now let’s be honest here, a Mastermind Group that just praises what you are doing serves no real purpose,no the true power of a Mastermind Group is to support, develop and critically challenge you and to a large extent that is exactly what I encountered on Saturday

Why should being challenged prove important? I think simply that we must remember that we write for and sell products to our audience,therefore our sole purpose is to meet and exceed their expectations, if we ever start just to flatter our own egos then our Mastermind Group will act as a strong brake on that

Gaining Maximum Advantage From Our Mastermind Group

In order to gain maximum advantage from our Mastermind Group we must think both in terms of what we want and also in terms of what we are going to invest in the group in return, all take and no give will never work in this kind of situation,in order to get what you want you must in turn be willing to help others achieve what they want

Now granted when you first start out you are not in a position to offer much but you are in a position to offer your views, a second pair of eyes and an alternative voice of what somebody else is doing,making your Mastermind Group work is not just about teaching,often it is about helping people simply to get started

And here in lies perhaps the biggest reason for failure in online businesses and that is a sheer sense of overwhelm, instead of breaking tasks down people just see too much in front of them and no way of getting to the other side,every journey of a 1000 miles must start with a first step and your Mastermind Group is that important first step

As your own skill levels rise you must of course hold out your hand and help people up, you now know which resources work and which don’t,you broadly know where to source products and services and vitally you have gone through and solved your own key frustrations,by sharing this knowledge and developing other members of your Mastermind Group you begin to complete the process

The Best Resources For Developing Your Mastermind Group

The origins of today’s Mastermind Group go back to the meeting between Andrew Carnegie and the man who we probably now regard as the father of the process Napoleon Hill, personally I think Hill will get the credit but Carnegie really created the principal, for more details read my post from Feb 21

A lack of knowledge is a key reason for joining a Mastermind Group it can paralyze you and leave you feeling completely overwhelmed,my post on the 21st March sets out my ideas on how to counter that and to ensure you get the help and support when you need it

Michael Gerber famously said the problem with the boss is the Boss Doesn’t Have One your Mastermind Group will hold you to account, Michael Gerber’s E Myth Enterprise will also hold you to account and critically explain the key failing that holds back most entrepreneurs and how to make sure you don’t fall into this trap

So it’s time to hand things over to you for your thoughts,are you a member of a Mastermind Group, do you find the support invaluable or do you resent it,speaking personally here I really value my Mastermind Group

Power Of Deception

Power Of Deception

So Online Marketing Is Just The Power Of Deception Right?

As I finished looking over the latest product to come my way from Clickbank I got to wondering is online Marketing really just about the Power Of Deception, the formula is depressing, they all cost $37 Dollars, they all promise instant riches and almost without exception they suck

So what’s going on here,the story is always the same,financial ruin, secret hack,magic solution and cold hard cash pouring into your bank account overnight, not a great surprise given one guy writes most of these sales letters, if the Power Of Deception sounds familiar there is a good reason behind it

There is of course a good reason behind this, the triggers work on the most basic of human emotions, greed and the desire to do little or no work, sound familiar, we all know we should know better but we still read the sales letter and get sucked into it,the Power Of Deception in action

The latest ploy is to damn the scammers, those dreadful people who are out to trick you out of your money, but what’s that you say skippy aren’t these the same people promoting every single one of these products, using the same templates, the same it doesn’t use list, just how do people fall for the Power Of Deception

What Can We Learn From The Power Of Deception

So what can we learn from the Power Of Deception,should we look on in admiration or should we express disgust at what is happening? certainly the power of using emotial triggers is a well known and much used both on and offline,you can use any amount of logic that you like but emotion is stronger every time

A slight of hand is used in many fields and we can see that the model who advertises your favorite shampoo maybe cute but the advertising authorities have made them qualify their statements in 71% of 154 people agree with this,clearly the Power Of Deception is not one the ASA here are open to

People of course need to be realistic, anything that promises huge income for no work is clearly a lie, pure and simple and we buy products that promise this at our peril, we can in the use our own common sense not to be taken in by the Power Of Deception

Marketers will keep using whatever triggers make people take action and until the FTC has a quiet word in Clickbanks ear and rounds up the scammers they will keep up their gold rush antics and newbies will continue to chase shiny objects, the Power Of Deception will continue in both covert and overt ways

Resources To Avoid The Power Of Deception

So how do you resist temptation? with one click this and push button that being thrown at you a number of times a week,I e mailed one marketer earlier in the week who was promoting a scam but so far he hasn’t responded, it’s a shame because previously I had respected him, such is the Power Of Deception

Who should you really listen to,who really has your best interests at heart,who really knows where the Internet marketing world is going Rich Schefren continues to make more millionaires than any other,his free report the Internet Business Manifesto is better than most paid products, no Power Of Deception here

Another man who offers real solutions Is This Man a well known mentor, hugely successful in his own right, he’s offering the opportunity to watch the video from his Las Vegas Seminar for the price of lunch,certainly no Power Of Deception in sight here

So what are your thoughts on this? do you feel that everything is fair in love and war or should Internet marketing clean up it’s act,is it preying on the unaware or are we really our own best enemies on this,one thing is for sure, you’ve not seen the end of the Power Of Deception


Outsourcing For Profit

Outsourcing For Profit

Is Outsourcing For Profit A Myth Or A Reality/

Today I wanted to ask the question is Outsourcing For Profit just another theory another one of those $37 Dollar ideas that we get bombarded with everyday or is it a real actionable concept that you can put into action today and start to see a real difference in a matter of hours later

Now before you say it I know what you’re thinking here,push button outsourcing Outsourcing For Profit this really is another scam like the ones I get all the time, spend $37 Dollars, 1 click and cold hard cash flooding into my bank account, add in a few photo shopped clickbank account screen shots and your good to go

Well no I’m not going to insult your intelligence by making any such wild claims,they at best waste your time and at worst prey on desperate people who really need a result quickly, it’s cynical and it needs to be stopped, no I am going to explain how Outsourcing For Profit can save you a ton of time and put you in profit fast

So no there is not a one click solution but there is a one click plus instructions solution,yes you will need to do some work that dirty four letter word and yes you will need to manage the people and no I’m not going to include screen shots of sports cars, boats and mansions,what I am going to tell you is that Outsourcing For Profit works

So How Can Outsourcing For Profit Work For Me?

It’s an important question, how can Outsourcing For Profit work for you? In my experience it works in two key areas, it takes away the sense of overwhelm that most people experience when trying to grow an online business and critically it frees up your time for the things that actually make you money

Let’s deal with overwhelm first,most people have a number of unfinished projects on the go,by planning and prioritizing these in terms of which of these can be making a return 1st then 2nd and going forward Outsourcing For Profit can generate a very real return very quickly,so the first step is planning and your action plan

Step two in Outsourcing For Profit is placing your projects, if you are new to this you will probably want to take a menu type approach, actually see what it is going to cost you and how long it is likely to take in advance,always look for the reviews on the site for this seller to see what others have to say about their work

Logically from this step three in Outsourcing For Profit is managing your projects,set out in your order will be your timescale and your expectations,timescale’s will regularly slip so if it says 24 hours allow 48-72 hours in advance,if however your expectations in terms of quality are not met you must always call the outsource worker on it

Resources To Ensure Outsourcing For Profit Works Every Time

So lets look at resources to ensure that Outsourcing For Profit works every time, to manage more projects you need to think differently, this guys Time Management System is first class, if you really want to get more done in the same time then you must get This System

In terms of where do you go to find the resources for Outsourcing For Profit I have created a free 20 minute PDF & Audio MP3 that you can download,it’s packed with Resources & Ideasand it walks and talks you through the key steps and shows you the best sites to visit to get your projects completed

Lastly I wanted you to take a look over a previous post I did on Micro Outsourcing these low cost sites represent amazing value for money with tasks or gigs as they get referred to from as little as $3-$4 Dollars,these Micro Outsourcing sites represent a great low cost way of getting anything you can imagine done quickly

So as always at this point I wanted to hand things over to you to see what your experiences have been,have you been able to generate more profit and time doing this? One thing is for certain in my opinion and that is you must be Outsourcing For Profit

Strategic Solutions

Strategic Solutions

Want Real Strategic Solutions With No Magic Buttons?

Nobody can have missed the flood of magic button one click solutions that have hit the market over the last 6 to 9 months and they exist for a reason, a simple reason, people try something find it’s hard and then move onto the next sure thing only to find that doesn’t work either, in short it’s a million miles from the Strategic Solutions they are seeking

The Real problem of course with the magic button solution is that 3 or 4 of these turn up every week and every single one of them is going to disappoint you because they are created to satisfy a market that wants a solution that requires no work, on the face of it Strategic Solutions are not as attractive but that is really to miss the point

Lets look at what really happens when you pursue magic buttons as against Strategic Solutions, you start out thinking you have found the answer, 1 click and bam! cold hard cash flooding into your bank on auto pilot but in reality you get a theory or worse still an old idea in new clothes and guess what, it doesn’t work either

Chances are that you have now wasted a couple of days watching the videos, listening to the lies, reading the photo shopped testimonials and earnings claims, lets be honest here, you spend thousands of dollars and months developing a solution that works like gang busters and then you sell it to everybody, that doesn’t represent Strategic Solutions it represents madness

So Why Do Strategic Solutions Make Sense?

So why do Strategic Solutions make sense, surely they involve a lot more work? well in honesty no, you see magic buttons waste your time, they create false hope and they leave you in a negative frame of mind, if we are honest with ourselves we know that such things don’t exist, repeat after me, there are no magic button cold hard cash spitting solutions

Strategic Solutions take time, they take effort but they give real rewards,your real solution looks like this, build a business in niche a, test and tweak this business,continue to test and tweak to increase revenues, once this is running on near auto pilot because you have developed it including now customer service support you are ready to move on to niche or project b

Now you rinse and repeat but guess what you now have all the knowledge of how everything works in niche a to bring to niche b, you have a team,you have the technical solutions ironed out, really successful people online do not rely on just one pillar for their business, it is built up of many pillars or income streams, this represents the real Strategic Solutions we are looking for

When you went to university you didn’t study to be a lawyer on Monday, a chef of Wednesday and a chemist on Friday and yet chasing magic buttons is exactly like doing that, far from offering us the strategic solutions that we seek it will just make us more confused and ultimately broke

What Are My Options With Real Strategic Solutions

So What Are Your Options With Real Strategic Solutions that actually work? no tricks, no lies. For truly Strategic Solutions we need to turn to the man who really invented the idea for Online Marketers I am of course talking about Rich Schefren it’s no accident that he has mentored more Internet success stories than anybody else and not a magic button in site here

Next I would turn to my own mentor Alex Jefferys Alex again has a successful role call of hugely successful online business people by offering Strategic Solutions and he recently offered people the chance to get their hands on a recording of a seminar he did in Las Vegas attendees paid him nearly $1300 Dollars to be there but you can get it for the price of lunch but this is one mighty valuable lunch I can tell you

Lastly in this round up I would mention Tim Bekker he is sick of the magic button brigade and is offering the system that brings in thousands of dollars a month for just $7 Dollars yes you read that right $7 Dollars, this really represents the ultimate Strategic Solutions at a low low price

So as always at this point I turn things over to you, have you got past the point of chasing magic buttons,do you have a truly clear A-B-C action plan with a clear time frame and end results in mind? because if you don’t your business will just spin it’s wheels and you will become another casualty, unless that is you are working towards true Strategic Solutions



Is Outsourcing About Building Partners Or Making Problems

A lot has been written and said about Outsourcing recently and done well it is undoubtedly a great time saver, but what happens when Outsourcing goes wrong, when you are let down or they just do a plain bad job for you what happens then?

Let me start this by saying that I am in principal a big fan of Outsourcing but I have also personally seen both sides of the picture on this one, when it goes well its a great pleasure but when it goes badly it greatly adds to your project time and can throw out a lot of other things in the process

Communication is king when it comes to Outsourcing so taking time to brief your Outsourcer at the start will save a lot of time later on, its tempting to just dash out a couple of brief lines in the expectation that they will understand what you want but in this lies a lot of frustration

The way you approach Outsourcing will also make a huge difference to the results that you get out, the fact that the people doing the work are often not being paid a lot of money does not in any way mean that they are of low value, if you look on them in that way you will get results to match

How To Make Outsourcing A Long Term Success

Building Partnerships really is the key to long term Outsourcing success, to make things work really well you need to think win-win,your Outsourcer needs to be busy, either with your work or possibly with a portfolio of work from your mastermind group of supportive people

As your business grows so you can take on Outsourcing partners full time, at this point it would make sense to let your key Outsourcer bring in some satellite people to do supporting tasks, they will doubtless be more connected than you are at this level and will prove a major time saver as you grow

So at this point it may be better to view them as Out Tasking partners rather than Outsourcers any more, your quality thresh hold is vital and is not something that you can afford to compromise on, letting standards slip is the beginning of a slippery slope downwards

Listen to your mastermind group and your friends in the industry when it comes to potential Outsourcing partners, one of your biggest frustrations is going to be starting from scratch every time, if you can find Outsourcing partners with a proven track record then your job is much easier from the outset

Resources for Find Your Outsourcing Partners

So what are your best resources when it comes to finding Outsourcing partners, well for starters I have my Outsourcing Made Easy MP3 & PDF guide, it’s free to you and covers mindset, key sources to find Outsourcers and critically it also covers building those Key Relationships with Outsourcing partners

Of course just Outsourcing without improving your own capacity to deal with the extra workload is just storing up trouble, this
Time Management Resource will ensure you really get the most out of your time and critically both out of yourself and your Outsourcer

I have done a couple of previous posts on Outsourcing resources on Dec 3 and on Feb7, they cover some of the most useful sites both for one off and also for ongoing partnership building and I would recommend that you take a few minutes to go through them and note down the sites and to look at the supporting information on how to select the best people

So as always at this point I hand it over to you, what have your experiences been like, have you taken a partnership approach or have you hired exclusively, which ever way how have you got on with Outsourcing

One Click Software

One Click Software

Is One Click Software Myth Or Reality

One Click Software Huh!Your in box has been full of it and some of the sales letters, you know the blind ones have certainly been full of it, I detect a tipping point coming, an industry about to put it’s house in order and run the scammers out of town and that has to be a good thing

We’ve all had that sinking feeling, the promise of One Click Software riches, you were going to be way ahead of the curve but what’s this? Sadly you’re right it’s not new at all and so often not only does it not do what it says on the tin very often it’s going to get you into a lot of problems

And it gets worse when the guy selling it is somebody you have previously respected comes along with tales of sea planes, bikini babes,private islands, One Click Software naturally with a new proprietory software that puts cold hard cash into your account with a never before seen or heard of system, erm actually we know about twitter and reviews hmm!

So against this background do we just give up on the idea of One Click Software? Not a bit of it you see as I said at the start there are a lot of good guys and girls and then there are 50 to 100 scammers selling this newbie trap garbage and I get the feeling the good guys have had enough and girls of course

Does One Click Software Have A Future?

So against this background does One Click Software have a future? Certainly looking at what I’ve seen popping up in ever great quantities I would say yes, Videos and Sales letters explaining what the software does, no smoke and mirrors, some truth at last, people asking you to leave if you want riches for no work

Now you might say that the people who have been making the magic button One Click Software were only making products to satisfy the greed in all of us but that’s to go down a very slippery slope, a lot of hopes get dashed chasing shiny objects, at best you get distracted at worst it’s money people can ill afford chasing dreams

But a real fight back has started and as we know from the movies good always triumphs over evil, just as it will in the One Click Software case, you see we all need time saving devices, just not shiny ones that give us false hope

When done well One Click Software saves a lot of time, auto blog creation, social media submissions,getting your new sites listed in Google in very quick time, the list just goes on and I suspect it’s going to come to the fore in a good way in the coming weeks as the good guys reclaim Online Marketing

What One Click Software Should You Be Looking At?

One Click Software must do a few things and clearly number one is save you time by automating the process for you so what works and what tells you what it really does, well my first recommendation is Newbie Friendly this guys idea of heaven is the surf and walking his dog on the beach,get closer to yours with His System no blind sales pages here he actually explains exactly what he offers and critically the industry leading backup that goes with it

My next one is a guy who has produced some great stuff, his training is again industry leading, his new video attacks One Click Software when used to sell junk but he offers an automated system that builds little Money Machines so fast you would not believe it, watch the video as he actually shows you how to build each business in around a minute live including actual live results

Lastly but by no means least is a back linking service, fed up with all those comments but equally unhappy with all that auto spam that turns up on your blog? Let This Team take care of it for you with this One Click Software solution and make sure to sign up for their list they offer some great free stuff as well

So maybe we have reached that critical point where the good guys take over again and Internet Marketing becomes trusted once more, let me know your experiences both good and bad, how have you got on with One Click Software

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